online model

Horny and curious to check out a cyber bakla? Bakla is the Filipino slang word for ladyboys. The first chick that popped up online was Summer Rayne. She is classy in look and horny as dirt. I think I won’t be dating her anytime soon as she said, she wanted to fuck me in the ass with her big Filipino shemale cock.

online model

At the conclusion she wanked herself off and was rather aggressive about reaching an estatic orgasm. Pretty nice bakla in my book. Would be lovely to show her off as a girlfriend or wife.

2 thoughts on “Summer Rayne

  1. WOW you are so fucking HOT! I am looking for a tranny with a nice feminine face and great tits who loves her cock and also loves oral and anal, both giving and receiving! Do you only do cyber or also meet for real?

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